I started playing in a rock band in High School, and really got into Jazz and Fusion by the time I went into MI. If you can read music and can recognize the above iconic bass line, drop me an email, we can chat about one of the most amazing bass players of our time, but I digress. These days I put my music education to use as a music supervisor, pulling lots of tracks for my editing projects, and collaborating with some of the best music supervisors in the country finding just the right tracks for the latest ads we're producing here at Innocean. 


I had given up playing bass live years ago, but then the phone rang and I joined up with some friends from High School and we literally "put the band back together" and called it "Starch Monkey." We've played some great venues around LA including The Whisky, The Viper Room, House of Blues and The Canyon Club, and have opened for some notable acts like The Yardbirds, Kings X and Faster Pussy Cat. It's really great to be back out there playing live again, plus, it's a great way to clear my head after making ads all day. Right now we're off writing our second album, and I gotta add, being in the studio again too is just awesome. Below, I added a few of our new tracks from our upcoming release. Hope you dig it!